Caves are the underground wealth of Slovakia and are a great tip for a trip even in bad weather. Because Mengusovce is conveniently located near the motorway, all the caves are quickly accessible by car. There are several of them in the surroundings.

The closest is the Važecká Cave, which is famous for its rich stalactite decoration. The most visited cave is located in the Tatra Basin Belianska jaskyňa (22km).

Others are the Demänovská Ice Cave (51 km) and the UNESCO-listed national natural monuments Dobšinská Ice Cave (43 km), Krásnohorská Cave (93 km), Domica Cave (111 km) and the only accessible aragonite cave in Europe – Ochtinská Aragonite Cave (93 km).   The average temperature in the ice caves ranges from -3 °C to +3 °C.