Right in front of your apartment you can go on the groomed cross-country ski trails and enjoy the beautiful nature and panorama of the Tatras. Just put on your cross-country skis and go.

The trails are situated on grassy areas directly in front of the Cherry Orchard Resort. The trails follow the edges of the forest. They are characterized by a flat profile with gentle ascents and descents, so they are also suitable for beginners and parents with children.

Cross-country tracks for classic cross-country skiing are on both edges of the groomed belt and there is a space in the middle between the two groomed tracks for skating. The tracks allow for two-way skiing.

The width of the cross-country tracks is usually 4 to 6m. The maximum elevation in the longitudinal profile of the tracks is about 86m. The total length of groomed trails is at least 10km, the length of one circuit is about 6km depending on snow conditions.