The High Tatras are considered the most beautiful during autumn. It is during this period that hiking is very popular. However, you can make some of the hiking trails easier, shorter, or get to where you wouldn’t go on foot or by bicycle and enjoy the view from the seat of the cable car. In the following article we will offer you an overview of cable cars in the High Tatras, important information about them, but also interesting facts related to them.

Cableway to Lomnicky Peak (upper station 2625 m above sea level)

Route: From there, a 15-seater gondola takes you to Skalnate pleso, which is the transfer station to Lomnický štít. From Skalnaté pleso a red funicular cableway leads. The ride takes 8.5 minutes.

Interesting fact:
When you ride up to Lomnicky Peak, there is a Dedo café waiting for you and you can even spend the night on Lomnicky Peak in the highest apartment in Central Europe.

Cableway to Lomnické sedlo (upper station of the cableway 2196 m above sea level)

Route: If you want to enjoy a walk around the place where the cult Slovak film The Copper Tower was once filmed, take the cable car to Lomnické sedlo. The route leads from Tatranská Lomnica to the intermediate station Start, from there to Skalnate pleso. From Skalnate pleso, a chairlift will take you to Lomnické sedlo. The journey time is 7 minutes.

Interesting fact:
Lomnické sedlo offers beautiful views – towards the east the Poprad basin, the view extends to the Slovak Ore Mountains, towards the west the Malá Studená dolina or Slavkovský štít.

Cableway to Skalnate pleso (1772 m above sea level, upper station of the cableway)

Route: From Tatranská Lomnica, you will take the cable car to “Štart”-intermediate station and from there go in the direction of Skalnaté pleso.

Interesting fact:
You can take various walks or hikes on Skalnaté pleso. For children, there is the Swistia Krajinka – an outdoor playground with wooden animals. Hikers and visitors can visit the astronomical and meteorological observatory, which includes an observatory. If you want to refresh yourself, go to the Restaurant Skalnaté pleso, whose terrace overlooks the surrounding rock peaks and the steepest ski slope in Slovakia

Cableway to Hrebienok (1285 m above sea level, upper station of the cableway)

Route: The ride lasts 7 minutes, during which the height difference of 255 m above sea level is overcome.

Interesting fact:
On Hrebienok you will find a pleasant zone where you can relax on the sun loungers. Here you will find KUBA the bear, the Quantarium or the already mentioned attraction – summer tubing on an inflatable wheel. You can refresh yourself in the Hrebienok Restaurant. In winter you can enjoy the Tatry Ice Master and the Tatra Dome.

Cableway to Solisko (1814 m above sea level, upper station of the cableway)

Route: The ride takes less than 7 minutes. The altitude difference is 431 m above sea level.

Interesting fact:
From Solisko you can enjoy a panoramic view of the Mlynická or Furkotská valley. The Bivac restaurant will not only treat you, but the terrace will offer you a view of Kriváň, Kralova hora or Štrbské pleso and valleys.

As far as the price list is concerned, you can find a complete list of prices for each lift here.

Ticket prices vary depending on whether you buy your ticket online at GOPASS, at a GOPASS point or at the ticket office in the resort. The price of a lift ticket also varies depending on when you purchase it. The cheapest option is 3 or more days in advance, 0-2 days in advance and paying cash or card on the spot is the most expensive option. Ticket prices also vary depending on the day. During Monday-Thursday days, a different pricing interface applies than during Friday-Sunday days. The cable car ticket can be purchased as either an up-only ride, a down-only ride, or a two-way ticket. Combination tickets can be purchased at the ticket office in the resort – these are special tickets that combine a cable car ride with the hire of funtools (mountain carts or scooters). They are suitable if you want to ride one route and come back on a cart or scooter.

Ticket type:

  • adults (18-60 years),
  • junior (12-18 years old) ISIC card holders, etc. / senior (60 years and over)
  • child (6-12 years)
  • children under 6 years – free transport

Organised groups of more than 20 people can benefit from a 5% discount.