Gánovce near Poprad

Probably does not need special introduction. They are mainly known for the site of the remains of prehistoric Neanderthal man. Even today there is still a travertine mound in Gánovce – about 15 m high irregularly shaped rock, which is a fragile remnant of the former large 170 m wide and 20 m high travertine mound called Hrádok (Hrádok).

The site is designated as a National Natural Monument (you can read about selected cultural monuments here). Other interesting facts from this place can be found in originals or replicas in the Podtatranské Museum in Poprad. Perhaps few people know that there is also a geyser in Gánovce. The gushing of water occurs at approximately hourly intervals and in the vicinity of the borehole the water has created a pond with a diameter of about 8 m and a depth of 0.4 m. The outflowing water creates beautiful travertine cascades. The temperature of the water is approximately 22,3-25,2 °C. The mineral water is clear, smells of hydrogen sulphide and tastes of warm sulphuric acid. Sulphate and sulphate waters are known to help with liver and pancreatic diseases. They are also helpful for constipation and gout.

Belianska Cave

A few kilometres northeast of Tatranská Lomnica is the only accessible cave in the High Tatras. It is known for its rich calcite sinter filling. The length of the cave is 3829 m with a height difference of 168 m. The sightseeing circuit is over 1 km (1370 m), on the route you will find 874 steps. The stay in the cave lasts 70 minutes. The air temperature is 5.0 – 6.3 °C and the relative humidity is 90 to 97%.

Visitors will be attracted by sinter waterfalls (High Dome, SNP Dome, Waterfall Dome, Music Hall), pagoda-like stalagmites (Palm Hall). Other forms of sinter filling (Gallery, Jewel Room, White Hall), ponds and other forms of cave decoration are also represented. An interesting feature is one of the stops on the tour called the Music Hall. It was named after the sounds of water drops falling on the surface of the pond. In this hall, musical concerts of reproduced classical music were organized because of its excellent acoustic conditions.

The cave is home to 7 species of bats, the dominant species being the common bat. Among the small invertebrates, the deep-sea bat lives in the ponds. In recent years, the cave has been used for healing speleoclimatic stays.

The cave is open daily except Mondays, from 9.00 – 16.00 every hour. Off-season (from September) entrances only 9.30, 11.00, 12.30, 14.00. Price list and other detailed information can be found here.


If you would like to visit the Tatra waterfalls, the most visited are certainly the Skok Waterfall, the Kmet’ov Waterfall, the Waterfalls and Cascades of the Cold Stream and the Eternal Rain.

The Skok waterfall can be reached by a marked hiking trail (yellow colour) from Štrbské Pleso. It is located in the Mlynická valley. The waterfall falls from a rock sill at an altitude of 1789 m above sea level. It is about 30 m high and is one of the most beautiful waterfalls in the Tatras.

The highest waterfall not only in the High Tatras, but also in Slovakia is the Kmet’ov waterfall. It is about 80 m high and is located in the Kôprová valley. The waterfall is formed by the so-called Nefcerský brook.

In the Velicka Valley, follow the green trail from the Sliezsky dom Mountain Hotel to the waterfall Eternal Rain. The flowing water creates a specific veil that reminds of a constant drizzle, hence the name. At the outlet of the Little and Great Cold Valley there are individual waterfalls and cascades of the Cold Stream, accessible from different hiking trails. Their names are Little, Great and Long Waterfall.

The Cold Stream flows through a huge terrain break and creates beautiful cascades, which are interesting to watch especially when the water level is high (i.e. in spring or after heavy rains). These waterfalls are a popular tourist spot. There are several hiking trails along the falls, which are suitable for less skilled hikers.

At the mouth of the Malá Studená dolina (Small Cold Valley), near the popular Zamkovský chata (Zamkovský chalet), there is the Giant Waterfall, about 20 m high, at an altitude of 1330 m above sea level. It is accessible by the red trail from Hrebienok. You can also reach it from Tatranská Lesná, Tatranská Lomnica or Starý Smokovec..