Štrbské pleso

Štrbské pleso (1346 m above sea level) with an area of 19.76 ha and a maximum depth of 20 m is the second largest pleso in Slovakia. For many tourists and visitors it is a symbol of the High Tatras. An interesting feature of the lake is that it was formed by the melting of glaciers, no streams flow into it or out of it. The lake level is covered with ice more than 150 days a year. The most frequently used access is by the Tatra Electric Railway (TEŽ) from Starý Smokovec or by a zubačka from Štrba with a direct connection Štrba – Štrbské pleso. You can also reach the lake by car, parking on Štrbské pleso is possible in several places. In summer, boating, hiking, Nordic walking are popular activities on Štrbské pleso. Visitors will find various restaurants, cafes, shops and complete civic amenities in the village of Štrbské Pleso.

An easy route from Štrbské Pleso will take you to Popradské Pleso (along the red trail, approx. 1h 15min.).

Popradské pleso

Popradské pleso is situated at an altitude of 1494 m above sea level. It is located in the Mengusov valley. With its area of 6.88 ha it is the fourth largest pleso in the Tatras. It has a depth of 18 m. The Krupa stream flows out of it, which together with the Hince stream forms the Poprad river. Next to the lake is the Mountain Hotel Popradské pleso and Majláthova chata, where tourists can stop, relax, refresh themselves and enjoy the view of the Popradské pleso. In the immediate vicinity of the lake is the Symbolic Cemetery. Around the lake there are beautiful cross-country skiing trails as well as trails for mountain bikers. The lake is a popular tourist destination for easy hiking, as evidenced by the result of the TANAP survey from last year (August 2018), when Popradské pleso was named by visitors as the most visited place in the Tatras. An interesting fact about the lake is that the original name of the lake was Rybie pleso (Fish Lake), as fish lived and still live there.

In the period 16.6. – 31.10. tourists can reach the largest and deepest lake in the High Tatras from Popradské pleso in 1 hour 35 minutes by following the blue trail.

Big Hincovo pleso

Veľké Hincovo pleso (1946 m above sea level) is the largest and deepest lake in the High Tatras. It has an area of 20.08 hectares and a depth of 53.7 m. It lies in the Mengus valley. It is visible in its full glory in the summer months. About 270 days a year it is covered with ice. There is no stream flowing into the lake, but the Hincov brook flows out of it, which, after joining with the Krupa, forms the Poprad river. Above the lake there are other jewels of the High Tatras, namely the walls of Kôprovský štít, Čubrina and Veľký Mengusovský štít. Did you know that the Great Hincovo pleso has a “little brother”? Little Hincovo pleso (1923 m above sea level) has an area of 2.2 hectares and a depth of about 6.4 m. You can also reach it from Popradské pleso by following the blue trail.

Other interesting lakes worth seeing.

Skalnaté pleso

In the Skalnata valley there is Skalnate pleso (1751 m above sea level) with an area of 1.23 ha and a depth of 2 m. Unfortunately, it is drying up due to hydrological and climatic changes. In the vicinity of the lake you will find the Skalnatá hut, an observatory (which also includes an observatory), an intermediate station of the cable car, and one of the highest restaurants in the High Tatras. For children there is even a Swistia Krajinka area with various attractions. Accessibility is easy either directly by cable car or by walking from Tatranská Lomnica along a marked route taking 2 – 3 hours. Also popular are the routes along the red trail from Hrebienok via Zamkovský chata or from Chata pri Zelenom plese via Veľká Svišt’ovka. Skalnaté pleso is the starting point for hiking and climbing ascents to Lomnický štít.

Green lake

Zelené pleso (1551 m above sea level) is situated in the valley of Zelené pleso. It has an area of 1.77 ha and a depth of 4.5 m. The famous Hawk Tower rises above the lake. It is one of the most beautiful lakes in the Tatras. An interesting feature of the lake is its green colour, which is the reason for its name. The colouring is caused by the springs at the bottom of the lake. Next to the lake is situated the Chalet at the Green Pleso, where tourists can find rest and refreshment. The route to Zelený pleso is moderately difficult with a relatively high elevation. Approximately 30 min. from the Green Pleso there is the Great White Pleso.

Modré pleso

The lake Modré pleso is located in the Small Cold Valley. It is the highest lake in the High Tatras (2192 m above sea level), not drying out yet, it has a depth of 4.5 m. From the lake flows the Little Cold Stream, which is a tributary of the Poprad River. Its colour – dark blue – is seemingly due to the surrounding rocky walls. It is covered with snow and ice until summer. Hiking is only possible from 16.6. – 31.10. There is a green hiking trail leading to it and the ascent takes about 45 minutes from Téry’s hut.